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HireClix Wins Most Innovative Recruitment Advertising Agency Award

Recruitment advertising excellence combined with strategic talent acquisition consulting services delivers top honors at the 2019 ReSI Awards.

In addition to the full service, recruitment advertising agency of record services, HireClix has been at the forefront of programmatic recruitment media buying in order to drive efficiencies for clients. HireClix combines these advertising services with a deep expertise in applicant tracking technology in order to deliver a full view into the results of recruitment marketing efforts. By combining innovative advertising strategies with the resulting applicant data, HireClix delivers a unique perspective into the effectiveness of each dollar spent in the marketplace.

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The role of Talent Acquisition leadership is a complex one. Our consultants have led world-class TA organizations across industries. They bring that practical experience to every project they're part of, with a goal of making your job easier.

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By combining a metrics driven approach with zealous service, the HireClix recruitment advertising agency team will knock your socks off. Take the time to explore a partnership with HireClix and get the recruitment advertising partner you deserve.

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